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Each year we venture out to bring in young men from all over the world that have the hope of gaining an athletic scholarship to play college basketball. The task we have here at CLC is to help them obtain the goal they have set for themselves. Along the journey, its our hearts desire to see each and every individual we come in contact with develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

These young men come to us from various backgrounds and many of them, if not for this opportunity coupled with their individual athletic abilities God has blessed them with, would not have the chance to receive a college education.

Everyday 7,000 kids drop out of school, which equates to one kid every twenty-six seconds. More than 90% of our young men are first generation college students in their families. Basketball is a great game, but here at CLC basketball is simply the stepping stone that we use to see these young men further their education. Basketball is also the avenue we use to minister to and reach these young men.

Our program is about building the mind, the body and most importantly the spirit. In order for us to continue to impact the lives of these young men, we need your support, more importantly these young men we work with need your help. The cost to educate, house and feed these young men is not cheap. More, you must also consider the travel expnses to tour with these student-athletes in order to compete and gain exposure to college coaches. The cost of fuel, meals on the road and hotels is overwhelming and have become obstacles to us in helping the young men who are depending on us to be the difference they need to step into the next phase of their young lives.

Will you find it in your heart to help support our program? The investment you make is directly into the lives of these young men who will go on to be our next Pastors, Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, and Business Owners. Helping us help these young men gives them a start to life on which no dollar amount could be placed.

Today we need your help more than ever. Today our young people need your help more than ever. We need sixty families to help support us with $40 per month. This amount will go directly to making sure our student-athletes have the tools necessary to be successful on the court, in the classroom and throughout life. Will you be the difference to help change a life?

To join the 60-40 Club, or to request to be contacted by a CLCA representative, please submit the following form.

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