High School Academy Fees

Elite High School Basketball Program Fees

(Student-Athletes who have not graduated)

Down payment (1st month tuition’s included) $3,000
$500 of the down payment is due immediately upon committing to attend CLC, this is non-refundable.

The remaining $2,500 of the down payment is due 08/15/12

$950 Per Month (Due the 1st of each month)
Payments begin 09/01/12 and end 06/01/12
Remaining balance for 2012 school year 10 X 950.00 = $9,500.00
Total for year  $12,500.00

Tuition does not cover every aspect of the program. Students will be asked to participate in fundraisers and other details that help assist the program financially.

Please Note that CLC will not distribute, at any time during the course of the year, any transcripts or film to college coaches if your student-athletes account is not in good standing. All accounts must be in good standing in order for us to properly assist your student-athlete.



5%   Discount per semester if paid in full by September 15th

10% Discount for the year if paid in full by September 15th